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Leena Henningsen

in this video i’m telling you the whole story why i moved to norway! it’s actually not just a happy story, but i decided to share it with you really honest. i remember in the periods where i felt so stuck and depressed i always was deeply grateful for people that shared also about the dark times in their lifes. it made me feel less alone and i think it can be so healing when we’re starting to open up to each other. so i hope you like the video, i hope you’re okay and even if not, let me tell you, you are not alone with it. ♥

für alle die kein englisch verstehen gibt es jetzt auch deutsche untertitel. 😊


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a long way (instrumental) - josh garrels
elephant (instrumental) - JMR
amongst the trees - chad lawson
she - chad lawson
i will fight for you (instrumental) - voyageur
what a friend (instrumental) - josh garrels

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