Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Abraham-Hicks & Others Explain How Meditation Will Improve Your Life

Rising Higher Meditation

Sadhguru, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Abraham - Hicks and Jess Shepherd talk about the amazing benefits and the purpose of Meditation. Deepak Chopra full interview - Interview with Oprah Winfrey - OWN Super Soul Sunday Check out Deepak Chopra's website for fantastic information on health, consciousness, science and the soul. Eckhart Tolle - Oprah Winfrey Network. Supersoul Sunday. Subscribe here: -The Real Reason you are Feeling Unfulfilled -Eckhart Tolle Reveals how to Silence the Voices in your Head Eckhart Tolle's most inspiring books - The Power of Now - A New Earth Wayne Dyer - On What is mediation? We strongly recommend all of Wayne Dyers life-changing books, especially: 1. The Sacred Self 2. Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life Abraham- Hicks: All Abraham-Hicks audio materials are copyrighted by Esther Hicks and we are sharing these following their generous allowance guidelines: For additional information on Abraham Hicks or Esther Hicks, visit their website at Sadhguru: Wise words from Sadhguru yoga master and meditation expert. Check out his website here for perfect guided meditations and inspiring information Jess Shepherd Energy Therapist and Modern Meditation Guide Guided meditations and meditation music go here or Music By Fearless Soul Official Website: Let's Be Friends On Facebook! TWITTER INSTAGRAM: Meditation can take on many different forms and use different principles. For example, Monastic practices that help you to separate yourself from your thinking and increase your level of awareness. They are what many Buddhist traditions use and can commonly be called mindfulness meditations. These meditation styles include observing the breath or thoughts. There are other approaches which focus your attention by concentrating on a thought or an object, such as mantra meditations. Modern meditations use this type to include visualization meditations and thought-provoking meditations, such as Law of Attraction Meditations. The idea ultimately is that whether you are focusing on something or nothing at all, there is a point in there where all forms of thought stop altogether. You feel a presence and spaciousness that is beyond your normal functioning and processing. A gap in the stream of your thinking appears and opens you to something that is profound and a full expression of the Now, without time and space. All practices of meditation are great and all have potential to give you wonderful results. Some are suited to different people based on their current lifestyle or cognitive and behavioral habits, but in effect, ALL styles are going to give you good results and wonderful feelings of connection and increased life skill if practiced regularly. All meditation is progressive, so if you do it once you may feel some benefits, but the key is to make it a part of your daily habit, like brushing your teeth. That is where the tremendous benefit will be felt, affecting many areas of your life regardless of which style you choose. Some great guided affirmations, meditations and inspirational speeches: Guided Meditation for Manifestation - Visualise the NEW YOU: Visualise and Manifest Anything!: How to get HAPPY Now! (Guided affirmation): Guided Meditation for Purpose and Potential: Flow (Guided Meditation for Letting Go): GUIDED VISUALISATION MEDITATION. Get into the FLOW, TRUST & LAW OF ATTRACTION Please subscribe to the channel. Your support is greatly appreciated. DEEPAK CHOPRA, WAYNE DYER, ABRAHAM-HICKS, ECKHART TOLLE, SADHGURU, JESS SHEPHERD, MEDITATION, GUIDED MEDITATION, QUIET YOUR MIND, HEALTH, HEALING, SELF LOVE, HOW TO LOVE YOURSELF, ALIGNMENT, WELLNESS, HIGHER SELF, ATTRACT LOVE, FIND SOUL MATE, LAW OF ATTRACTION, MANIFEST LOVE, QUIET YOUR MIND, HIGH PERSPECTIVE, RELAXATION, STRESS, ANXIETY, TENSION, WORRY, NERVOUSNESS, PRESSURE, BALANCE, RELAX, PRESENT, AWARENESS, CONSCIOUSNESS, NOW, THIS MOMENT, RELIEVE STRESS, ESCAPE THINKING, FOCUS, INTEND, APPRECIATE MEDITATION, GUIDED MEDITATION, POSITIVE ENERGY, RAISING VIBRATION, RAISING FREQUENCY, MEDITATION, TRUST, INFINITE INTELLIGENCE, GUIDANCE, SUPPORT, FRIENDLY UNIVERSE, FLOW, PRESENCE, BLESSED, ENERGY, ATTRACTING ABUNDANCE.

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