The Truth About the "Vegan Agenda" (Must See)

The #Truth about the #Vegan agenda. #veganism "I’m simply here to show you what is really going on every second of every day all around the world behind closed doors. To present evidence—for your consideration—that things are not at all as they appear. Undoing a life-long belief is no easy task. But in order to make informed decisions, to look ourselves in the mirror and ask if we are truly living the values we purport to have, we must know the truth. We must educate ourselves about what is really going on, not rely on what we’ve been taught. We must make decisions based on facts, not fantasy." Emily Barwick featured clips: Klaus Mitchell from original source here Emily Barwick from you can find full video presentations and research articles from my channel at DONT FORGET TO LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, click the bell button next to the subscribe button to receive future videos, AND SHARE AROUND with friends, family and social media if you enjoy my content. STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT VIDEO! @Lifting_TheVeil is now on all social media. All of my full video presentations and articles can be found at for full #esoteric film presentations, research articles, livestream hangouts, lessons and so much more mind blowing esoteric content on #theology, #mythology, #etymology and #language, #symbolism, #science, #biology, #health and so much more! SEE YOU SOON! MUCH LOVE, PEACE AND WISDOM! SUPPORT: Paypal SUBSCRIBE: facebook: facebook personal: steemit: DTube:!/c/lifting-theveil BitChute: twitter: Instagram: minds:


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